Thanks, Jack

We have lost the Thursday time slot and are back to meeting on Friday from 5:30 to 6:30, or whenever the following Aikido gets started. The Wednesday class is unaffected. Due to an increase in students who live far away, a Saturday class has been added from noon to 2.


The next big event is the Embukai in Denton coming up in October. All members of Clear Lake Iaido are invited.


Thanks to Jack Bieler for taking time out from his busy schedule on Sunday, August 18, to come work with us on Batto Ho 1-11. There were five students in all,– Joe & I, in addition to three new students who just recently started. Jack did a wonderful job, and everyone came away with new insights. The phrase that stuck in my mind, and this was one of the dominant themes of the seminar, was ‘grab the cut’.

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