We hope you find the following resources useful in your study of the Japanese sword arts.

MJER dojo with a connection to Fukui-Soke

Note:  This mainly covers North American dojo.  There are many more in Japan and elsewhere.

  • New England Iaido Kyokai in Boston, Massachusetts (contact via The Dojo in Denton)
  • Canadian Iaido Association
    • Shoshinkai Dojo (two locations) in Victoria BC  (see CIA site for more information)
    • Sky Valley Hokusei Dojo in Stevens, WA (see CIA site for more information)
    • Kelowna Eishin-Ryu Iaido Kai Dojo in Kelowna BC (see CIA site for more information)
  • Tendai Dojo in Chiba City, Chiba   [日本語 Japanese only]


Japanese Language Lessons in Clear Lake Area

Weekly continuing ed classes taught by native speaker at UHCL

UHCL Cont Ed Foreign Language Dept.

History of Japan Podcast

Weekly half-hour podcast on a wide range of Japanese history topics

Iaido Shopping

Sites that specialize in Budo equipment and supplies

Nishijin Sword


Aoi Budogu

Yamato Budogu


Sakuraya Budo Shop

Kiyota Company


Noshu Token

Nine Circles

Sei Do Kai Supplies Catalog  (can do custom work)

The Sageo Maker   (custom sageo)

Sambu Kyuguten   (Kyudo equipment site)

Traditional clothing & accessory site that also has Budo items


Vintage & used sites that usually have hakama, obi, etc.


Kimonoya Japan

Blue Moon Antiques

Sources of patterns for making your own clothing

Round Earth Publishing

Folkwear Sewing Patterns

This site has information on wearing traditional clothing. It’s all in Japanese, but there are lots of photos.  Just start clicking the links. (日本語)

Recommended Books & Videos

Note: The following items available to the general public are intended as reference material for those already under qualified instruction.  Books and videos can not teach you what you don’t already know.  Nor can they correct you when you think you are doing something correctly. Only a qualified instructor can do that.


  • Seminar videos taken at University of Guelph can be ordered from the Sei Do Kai Supplies Catalog (see link above)

Book and DVD:

  • Iai-Do: Japanese Sword Drawing Techniques and Spiritual Training
    • Author: Nanno, Teruhisa
    • Techniques: Seiza, Batto Ho, Toho, Tate Hiza, Oku Iai Tachi Waza, Iwaza, Bangai
    • Other info.: copyright 2004, Japan, ISBN4-8355-7084-7 C0095
    • DVD is sold with the book; both book and DVD are in Japanese and English; text has numerous B&W photos, parts of the sword chart, glossary, descriptions of the techniques; also history, principles & concepts are touched upon.


  • The Art of Japanese Swordsmanship: A Manual of Eishin-Ryu Iaido
    • Author: Suino, Nicklaus
    • Techniques: Seiza, Batto Ho, Toho, Tate Hiza, Oku Iai Tachi Waza, Iwaza, Bangai
    • Other info.: copyright 1994, Weatherhill, Inc., NY NY, ISBN 0-8348-0300-3
    • Text has numerous drawn figures illustrating the techniques; includes glossary, bibliography, index, and parts of the sword chart; also history and basic principles & concepts are touched upon.

Other Interesting Sites

Lots of interesting articles (see The Iaido Journal)


This may be the oldest public Japanese sword art mailing list that is still active.  Lots of interesting posts.  Free subscription available.


Information on the Japanese sword 

Richard Stein’s Japanese Sword Guide


The Art of Tsukamaki by Thomas L. Buck

Converter for shaku/cm/inches

Source for Shinto supplies and information

Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America