John Ray-Sensei Practice

On the 2018 February 9-11 weekend John Ray-Sensei came down from Denton to the Clear Lake dojo to conduct training for the southern Beikoku Tendai Iaido Kai (BTIK) branch dojo.  Attending from the Baton Rouge dojo was Neil Melancon-Sensei.  Jon Andresen-Sensei represented the San Antonio dojo.  In the course of the weekend we practiced Seiza, Battō Hō, Tōhō, Tatehiza, Oku Tachi, Kaewaza, and Tachi Uchi No Kurai.  Everyone worked hard and came away with fresh insight.  Even after years (20+) of practice there is still so much more to learn.  This is what makes MJER Iaido so rewarding for the effort put in.

Also, in addition to the waza practice, Jon Andresen-Sensei brought some of his tantō for a show and tell.  

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